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Donations to Camp Okoboji

Nearly 40% of Camp Okoboj's total operating revenue comes from donations! The funding necessary to carry out Camp Okoboji's mission, "Providing Sanctuary which connects guests to God and His Creation", comes from a combination of sources which include income from Program Fees, Camp Services, Lodging Fees, and – equally important -  through your gifts.

Fund Camp Okoboji's Vision: "Refreshing Body & Spirit"
Camp Okoboji has been an integral part of many families, campers, and guests' lives since 1940. For decades, those staying at Camp Okoboji have been refreshed in BODY - reuniting with friends & family, engaging in recreation, and havng access to West Okoboji Lake - and in SPIRIT - summer Sunday services, evening Campfire devotons, youth discipleship camps, and family discipleship camps. It is our aim that any guest leaving Camp Okoboji departs having been refreshed in the truth of Christ's restoring life. To ensure this ministry continues to be a heritage for hundreds of households and campers, consider donating to Camp Okoboji! From $5 to $50, every donation counts toward furtherng the Kingdom of Christ through this ministry here at Camp Okoboji. We're honored with your partnership in stewardship!

Gifts made to Camp Okoboji, a 501 (c) (3) organization, are tax deductible in the manner and to the extent provided by Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. For more information about your donations that support the Ministry at Camp Okoboji contact the Camp Office at 712-337-3325 or email

How Can I Donate?

Annual Fund Letter
Look for a letter in the mail each February, May, August, & November! We include a return envelope inside each Annual Fund Letter we send to the Friends of Camp Okoboji (that's you!) for any donations to be received. If you have a preference where these funds are designated, just indiciate it on the envelope. Otherwise, we add it to our General Fund.

Donate Online
Click the 'Donate' Button below, fill out the amount you'd like to donate, and provide the billing information. If you have a preference for where these funds are designated, just indicate it under the section, "Add special instructions to the seller."

Thrivent Members
Consider supporting Camp Okoboji's efforts through your Choice Dollars Designaton! Additionally, there are a variety of service projects to be done at Camp. As a Thrivent Member, consider applying for a Thrivent Action Team Card for $250 seed money for a project. Contact the Camp Office or Camp Director ( to get started on your service project today!

Our Wish List!
Be sure to view Camp Okoboji's Ongoing Wish List along with our Amazon Wish List!

Camp Okoboji LCMS Foundaton
For larger donations & estates, consider directing your donations to Camp Okoboji's Foundation. Click here to learn more information.

Or send donations to:

Camp Okoboji
1531 Edgewood Drive
Milford, IA 51351

Phone: (712)337-3325

Toll Free: (866) 449-3326