Discover Campaign

Discover Gets Ready for Summer!

* Discover Center Dedication was May 28, 2017.  Thank you to all who made this a most special day and event!
* Phase 1 Goal of $1,400,000 has been reached!

*Construction Pictures:

After evaluating several camp buildings, Hauck and Crafts were identified as being in the greatest need of replacement. Their limitations and deterioration left them inadequate, obsolete, and rarely requested.

The plan was to remove Hauck and Crafts and replace them with a single building called DISCOVER CENTER. Its focus will be to offer well-equipped and comfortable accomodations as well as a state-of-the-art activity center providing interactive program opportunities for campers and guests.

We are excited about the future vision for the next generation of campers and guests at Camp Okoboji.

Introducing DISCOVER

Goal 1: Activity Center

The DISCOVER Center will serve to nurture faith as well as relationships as it caters to the following:

Camp Programs - Engaging campers in new and creative ways.

Family Activities – Encouraging family togetherness and exploration.

Education Programs – Targeting parochial, public and home school audiences.

Community Connections – Offering programs and space to meet local area needs DISCOVER will include several rooms, each filled with a wide range of hands-on activities.

Goal 2: Two-Story Housing Area

DISCOVER will provide two floors of bedrooms and lounge areas capable of hosting a variety of group settings. Families will enjoy private rooms, each with its own bathroom and lounge. Male and female summer staff will be housed on separate floors in order to respect privacy.Two groups could occupy different floors, with each having their own meeting and kitchen areas. An elevator will allow easier access for guests with limited mobility.

DISCOVER Your Opportunity to Give

Although little can improve upon the natural setting of God’s creation along the shores of Camp Okoboji, this campaign seeks to enhance the comforts and experiences of every guest. Since DISCOVER has two distinct functions,
we plan on completing it as follows:

Goal 1: Build and complete the Discover Center activity area  Need: $1,400,000  (Completed!)
Goal 2: Build and complete the housing area  Need: $1,400,000  
               To begin once Goal 1 is met

We are excited for the many ways DISCOVER will impact Camp Okoboji. Accomplishing this project is going to be a challenge. Yet, as we constantly witness at camp, when we pull together, amazing things happen.

Now is the time to rally, in support of this cause, the generations of campers and guests who have been blessed by “Jesus at the Lake.”

Donate Today

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