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Apr 16

Higher Things Retreat (April 16-17)
A Higher Things Retreat is coming to Camp Okoboji! Higher Things exists to support the church in passing on the faith by teaching the next generation the Gospel of Jesus Christ: that they are saved by grace alone, through faith alone, as revealed in Scripture alone. 

Online Registration is operated through Higher Things. Click here for more information about Higher Things, this retreat, and to register online.

Who: Students in Grades 7-12 (i.e. Confirmation; Youth Group)
When: April 16-17
Topic: Divine Service
Speaker: Pastor Brent Kuhlman
Topic: Divine Service
Cost: $60/person

The Divine Service. God speaks. We listen. And more! What is going on when you are at church? Have you ever wondered that? Well, Jesus is having a church. And when He is having a church, His bunch of hangers-on, moochers and faith-ers cling to His every Word. Jesus speaks. We listen. His words, read and preached from the Bible, do incredible things to us. Like what? Repent and faith you! Turn you from your sin and turn you toward Him to be given His Good Friday won forgiveness in His Word and the Lord’s Supper. Sounds great, right?! Come to this retreat to learn even more!

What To Bring?
Change of clothes for 1 day
Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap)
Linens/Sleeping Bag
Shower & Beach Towel
Optional: Money for Camp Store
Facial Coverings (i.e. masks)

Click here for a schedule of this Higher Things Retreat.

What About COVID-19?
Higher Things aims to support churches in passing on the faith by teaching the next generation the Gospel of Jesus Christ. During a pandemic, it is certinaly possible to accomplish this mission Higher Things is set out to do, even if the logistics of gathering may seem unconvention to previous retreats. Here are some practical ways we plan to ensure this experience is as excellent as possible while considering the stipulations of functioning during a pandemic:

Participant Pre-Arrival Health Monitoring | Participants in this retreat should monitor their health for persistent symptoms of COVID-19 for seven days prior to their arrival at Camp Okoboji. COVID-19 symptoms include fever, difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, persistent cough, new loss of smell or taste, sore throat, congestion, or running nose. Participants that develop persistent COVID-19 symptoms must remain home. It is recommended that participants self-isolate as much as possible for seven days prior to their arrival to Camp Okoboji to minimize potential viral exposure and spread.

Groups Remain Together | Throughout the duration of the retreat, groups will be remain with their own groups. Recreational activities will be available for groups to participate in through a staggered schedule. Any planned large group activity will either be outdoors or will allow for groups to be able to interact from a distance (i.e. Trivia Night). A primary sub-goal of this experience will be to provide opportunities for members of the same congregation to develop stronger friendship and community. 

Improved Hygiene Orientation For Staff, Volunteers, Campers, & Families | Consistent signage for hygiene will be posted encouraging healthy hygiene practices (i.e. regular hand-washing, hand sanitizing, covering your cough) along with more accessibility to hand sanitizer in every building.