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"Teaching, Living, Sharing, Serving Jesus Christ, God's Son Our Savior"
What's Happening
at Camp

Sunday Worship

Jul 24, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

Youth Week

Jul 24, 2016 - Jul 30, 2016
Youth who have completed 8th-12thMore

Lutheran Night at Target Field

Jul 27, 2016
Trip to see the Twins Play!More

Sunday Worship

Jul 31, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

Family Retreat I

Jul 31, 2016 - Aug 06, 2016
Family Retreat I a great multi-generational gathering for families who share the love of Christ with children and grandchildren. More

Omelet Brunch

Aug 07, 2016
Omelet BrunchMore

Sunday Worship

Aug 07, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

Refuge Chapel Dedication

Aug 07, 2016
Following the 9:45am Worship ServiceMore

Family Retreat II

Aug 07, 2016 - Aug 13, 2016
Affordable, welcoming, friendly, and unforgettable would describe this retreat!More

Hispanic Family Retreat

Aug 12, 2016 - Aug 14, 2016
For more information, please contact Dan Vogel and Pastor Henry Witte.More

Sunday Worship

Aug 14, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

Crafts Building Auction

Aug 14, 2016
Don't miss this chance to take home a piece of Camp history!More

Sunday Worship

Aug 21, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

6th Annual Golf Outing

Aug 21, 2016
Get Your Foursome Together!!More

Adult Retreat- Rev. Kurt Klaus

Aug 26, 2016 - Aug 28, 2016
Retreat for all Adults!More

Kathy Troccoli Concert

Aug 27, 2016
Concert open to Everyone!More

Sunday Worship

Aug 28, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

People's Choice BBQ Cook-Off

Sep 03, 2016
It's gonna be finger licking good!More

Omelet Brunch

Sep 04, 2016

Sunday Worship

Sep 04, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

Sunday Worship

Sep 11, 2016
Join us every Sunday morning this Summer at 9:45am in the Christian Life CenterMore

IDW Lutheran Schools Outdoor Education

Sep 21, 2016 - Sep 23, 2016
Outdoor Education Retreat for 5th and 6th GradersMore

Fall Volunteer Wknd

Sep 30, 2016 - Oct 02, 2016
Family Fall Clean Up WeekendMore

Omelet Brunch

Oct 02, 2016
Mmm Good! You can almost taste'em now!More

Fall Women's Retreat

Oct 07, 2016 - Oct 09, 2016
A fun, relaxing weekend for women of all ages!More

Omelet Brunch

Nov 06, 2016
Omelet brunch to sponsor JOY Camp.More
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Welcome to Camp Okoboji

Kathy Troccoli Coming August 27, 2016

Kathy Troccoli in concert Saturday Aug 27, 2016, 7:00pm in the Christian Life Center. Please call the the Camp Office to buy your tickets. 712-337-3325   Tickets: $35 advance, $25 each if bundle 10 or more tickets, $50 at the door. Ticket included with your registration for the Adult Retreat. Get ready for an amazing evening. Invite your friends!

Camp News
New Wood Duck Houses

Sixteen year old, Timothy Frostestad, has been working to become an Eagle Scout since he first joined the scouts. He is a junior in high school from Spirit Lake, Iowa. Frostestad, a member of Boy… more...

Family Ministry cabins......
We still have some open prime times if you would like to plan a last minute family vacation. Look under facilities to see the open dates.Call and talk to Joy to make a
Music Invitation!
Calling all choirs (Church / Schools) & Music Ministry Groups & Musical Talent!  Camp Okoboji has a strong tradition of Sunday Morning Worship Services. We want to further enhance our… more...
Take Action With A Thrivent Action Team!
Camp Okoboji is looking for Thrivent members willing be a Team Leader for a Camp Action Team.  There are so many ways that Action Teams can positively impact Camp Okoboji. We can help with the… more...
Year-end Gift Considerations
Blessed to be a blessing. If God has blessed you this year... and Camp Okoboji is on your support list... some areas of support to consider.  Annual Fund  *  DISCOVER CAMPaign… more...
A Future Vision for the next Generation of Campers and Guests. The DISCOVER CAMPaign OKOBOJI goal is to replace the Hauck and Crafts buildings with a single facility called 'Discover'. The over-all… more...
Decorating Event Dec. 1
Help Decorate the Camp for Christmas.  Monday Dec. 1, 9am - 2pm. Lunch Provided, Contact the camp to attend. Sponsored in part by Thrivent Financial Action
People are still talking about the Jesus Painter events in Iowa! Nearly 600 people attended the three events in Des Moines, Sioux City and Spirit Lake Aug. 21-23. The picture below shows Rrev. Dave… more...
2015 Quilt Auction
We had a great turn-out for the Quilt Auction on Saturday, June 13th.  Over $25,400 was raised!  Praise The Lord! Thank you to all of you that came out for the auction, helped with the… more...
Information Updates Needed!
Abandoned land lines, missing email addresses, no cell phone numbers listed, moved, family changes.  We need to upadate our information on our camp friends.  Please e-mail us your key… more...
Thank you, staff!
As some of our summer staff are leaving and others have already returned home, we'd like to take a moment and thank you all for the hard work and wonderful memories made this summer. For staff… more...
Heading north: from White House, TN to Camp Okoboji

Before Pastor Tom Vanderbilt came to Wendy Golter’s church almost six years ago, Golter had never heard of the small Iowan camp in his stories.

“There’s no Lutheran camps in… more...

Giving back: service projects bond Davis family reunion

For the Davis family reunion, service to Camp Okoboji started with the playground set in 1997.

“There was a group effort for putting it in and paying for playground equipment,” said… more...

Jr. High Camp overview

What were Jr. High campers up to this week? Take a

Jr. High campers give back

After being fed and served by Camp Okoboji staff, Jr. High campers take matters - and lunch - into their own hands and serve homemade Hobo Stew to their counselors, leaders, and camp staff

Look back: Minneboji 2014

Every year we look forward to the return of Minneboji, a camp geared towards 4th-9th graders who mostly hail from South Dakota and southern Minnesota. Check out why campers say they love to return to… more...

Available: the best week ever at Junior High Week 2014

Where are your kids going this summer? The pool is fun. Family vacations are awesome. But if they need a week on a lakeside, don’t think they’ll be alone – they’ll have Jesus… more...

IDW Women's Convention: Why join LWML?

Auxiliary president Judy Rozek talks about the highlights from today's auction and how the donations will benefit

New Adventure Camp challenges boundaries

Attracting all scraped knees, underused bicycles, and general thrill-seeking kids, Adventure Camp brings something a little different to campers who want more than kickball during recreation. Biking,… more...

Video: Kids' Kamp

What did we do this year at Kids' Kamp? Christian the Bear

H.U.G. Puppets come to Joy camp for June 8th evening performance

Hailing from Estherville, IA come a few animated friends who have a lot to share with the Joy campers and other camp residents this week. The H.U.G. Puppets ministry will be performing a show tonight… more...

Dining Hall additions open Camp to colder seasons

Returning campers and staff members can be forgiven if they don’t immediately recognize the Camp Okoboji dining hall among all the new changes. The current overhaul of the dining hall focuses… more...

Needs List Spotlight: Paddle Boards
Imagine gliding gracefully across Emerson Bay, enjoying a unique camp view.  Your gift can make that possible. Memo 'Paddle Board' with your donation. Thanks!
Chapel Gets Stain Glass Windows
Four (4) Stain Glass windows were recently installed in the Refuge Chapel.  They were designed and created by Bogenrief Studios in Sutherland IA.  They are a moving and colorful addition to… more...
Operation Barnabas

The Iowa District West Operation Barnabas Task Force and Camp Okoboji have partnered together and received an ABLAZE grant and other donations to allow for all youth of military… more...

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Volunteer Corner
Beauty Abounds!
Thank you to God's Great Gardeners who came to Camp Okoboji to plant flowers and beautify the Camp over the Memorial Weekend!  Fun was had by all and your work certainly glorifies
Oh, What A Beautiful Day!

What a great week of volunteer help we have had at Camp Okoboji! Today has been just beautiful at Camp, and we are looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow. Even a robin was "working"… more...

April 21-23 Spring Volunteer Weekend

Spring is here, and Thursday, April 21--Saturday, April 23th has been set aside as Spring Volunteer Weekend. Come and help us prepare Camp Okoboji for the busy summer ahead.

NOTE: There will not be a… more...

Thank you Mailing Volunteers!
Thank you to all of the volunteers who came to Camp Okoboji and helped with the Annual Fund Mailing.  We had a great turnout and completed the job in a short period of time.  We truly… more...
Thank you to all of our Family Winter Game volunteers!  All of you did a great job supervising and helping with the many activities Camp Okoboji had available for families during the Winter… more...
1/30/16 Family Winter Games--Volunteers Needed
Camp Okoboji is looking for volunteers to help with its Family Winter Games on Saturday, January 30, 2016, from 10:00 A.M. - 2:00 P.M.  This is also the same weekend as the University of Okoboji… more...
Happy New Year
Happy New Year Volunteers!  We are looking forward to seeing all of you in 2016.  Right now, we are in need of volunteers to help take down our Christmas decorations.  We will be doing… more...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
Thank you to the volunteers who came to Camp Okoboji to help us decorate Camp for Christmas!  We had a great time together!  I'm including a picture that I took on my way to meet with other… more...
"Egg-ceptional", Volunteers!
A big thank you to all of our "Egg-ceptional" Volunteers who helped with Sunday's Omelet Brunch.  We served over 300 people!  Our next Omelet Brunch will be Sunday, October 4 during our… more...
Thank you!
Thank you to all of our mailing volunteers who came to Camp Okoboji to help complete our Annual Fund Mailing with only a day's notice.  We truly appreciate your promptness and energy in getting… more...
Thank you, Volunteers!
A special THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who came and helped us with the Omelet Brunch on Sunday, August 2.  We served almost 300 people!  The gift of your time and hands and feet are… more...
You are "Egg"-ceptional!
Camp Okoboji has "Egg"-ceptional volunteers!  A special thank you goes out to all of the volunteers who helped with our Omelet Brunch on Sunday, July 5.  We had a wonderful 4th of July… more...
Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Our volunteers have been busy at Camp Okoboji!  A big THANK YOU goes to all of God's Great Gardeners who came to Camp and helped plant flowers. A special thank you to Dr. Ralph Von Qualen for… more...
Thank You!
A big "THANK YOU!" to all of the people who came to Camp Okoboji during our Spring Volunteer Weekend and also to the High School Volunteers who helped clean up Camp Okoboji this past weekend.… more...
Spring Cleanup Days/Omelet Brunch
Friday-Sunday, May 1-3, 2015 Spring Cleanup Days at Camp Okoboji
Come and stay at Camp Okoboji for a few days.  Call and make reservations for your FREE stay at Camp while you help us… more...
Upcoming Volunteer Activities
Greetings, Volunteers!  
Camp Okoboji is making preparations for their 75th Anniversary this summer!  We are going to be in need of volunteers to help us in many ways.  Below… more...
Surprise, Surprise!
Thank you to all of the volunteers who showed up to help us replace the pillows in the housekeeping cabins. We also appreciate the use of your vans to transport the pillows.  We were pleasantly… more...
A big THANK YOU to all of the men and women who came to camp to help us cleanup our canal.  The equipment you brought with you certainly helped to make this job much easier.  God provided… more...
Thank you to all of the volunteers who came to Camp Okoboji and helped us do the recent mailings.  It was so good to see many of you once again after all of the winter weather we've been having… more...
Camp Okoboji is looking for some volunteers to help with cleaning up the canal at Camp.  The Canal Cleanup Day is scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 28 beginning at 8:00 in the morning and will end in… more...
Winter Fun!
Thank you to all of the volunteers who came and helped with our Family Winter Fun time on Saturday, January 24, 2014.    We had a very good turnout this year, and we are already making… more...
Come One, Come All!
Help decorate the trees in the Ginny DeWall Dining Hall and other cabins  at Camp Okoboji for the Christmas Season on Monday Dec. 1, 9am - 2pm. We will have hot chocolate, cookies, and a light… more...
THANK YOU to all of the adults and youth that came to Camp Okoboji for our Fall Clean Up Days!  There were many projects to complete today, and we will have to do some of them another day due to… more...
Our mailing volunteers recently completed a very large mailing, so I'd like to thank them for folding brochues, letters, etc.  As I figure it, we folded over 24,000 items, and some items had two… more...
Thank You, Volunteers!
A big THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who worked at today's Omelet Breakfast.  We served many people today, and your efficiency was very much appreciated.  Our next Omelet Breakfast is… more...
A big THANK YOU to all of our RAGBRAI volunteers.   You did a superb job of welcoming the bicyclists to Camp Okoboji!  The kindness you showed and the help that you gave will be remembered… more...
Ragbrai Volunteers Needed ASAP
Volunteers are needed to help with Ragbrai at Camp Okoboji and along the route.  Duty possibilities may include directing traffic, handing out information, helping in with kitchen duties, etc.… more...
Volunteers are "Good-Eggs"
Thank you to all of the volunteers for helping with Sunday's Omelet Breakfast.  We had a large group of people join us for worship in the Christian Life Center and many stayed for the Omelet… more...
Omelet Breakfast Volunteers
Thank you to all of the volunteers who came and made omelettes and helped serve the breakfast for all of our guests on Sunday.  We had a great turnout!  I personally visited with some… more...
We got it done!
A BIG THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who came to Camp Okoboji and worked on our recent mailing.  It would have taken us many days to complete the mailing without your help.  We very… more...
In the Garden
God blessed us with another beautiful day to do some gardening at Camp Okoboji.  Thank you to all of our great gardeners!  (We may need to start a Gardening Club!)  A special thank you… more...
WANTED: God's Great Gardeners
On Friday, May 23 from 1:00 - 5:00 P.M. and Saturday, May 24 from 9:00 - 1:00 P.M. Camp Okoboji volunteers are planning to pot plants and do some gardening at Camp Okoboji.  If you are available… more...
Camp Okoboji is looking for a couple of volunteers to help count and sort silverware in our cabins during the week of May 12-16.  If you can assist with this task, please call Kim at… more...
Volunteers Needed
Volunteers are still needed at Camp Okoboji this week (May 7-10) to pick up sticks, rake leaves, and haul them away. We need at least one volunteer who can drive a pickup and pull a trailer.  We… more...
What a wonderful Spring Volunteer Weekend with a tremendous group of volunteers at Camp Okoboji! Our volunteers came from Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Nebraska. It is amazing what our hands, feet,… more...
The Board of Directors Meeting and the Annual Meeting at Camp Okoboji was a success this past weekend.  On Friday, volunteers set up tables and chairs in the Christian Life Center.  Thank… more...
May 2 - 4 has been designated as Spring Volunteer Weekend.  Let's join together to serve the Lord in many ways.  

 Come and help us ready Camp Okoboji for the busy summer season.… more...

Volunteers Needed
Let's join together to serve the Lord in many ways.  

May 2 - 4 has been designated as Spring Volunteer Weekend.  Come and help us ready Camp Okoboji for the busy summer season.  Rev.… more...

This past weekend, April 4, 5, and 6, Camp Okoboji became "home" to over 350 middle school youth, their counselors, and their chaperones.  A big thank you to Ellen Essick, Lynda "Jo" Hoermann,… more...
The Ginny DeWall Dining Hall now has new tables and chairs!  A very big thank you to volunteers Les Buchholz, Virgil Karstens, Dale Langner, Charlie Schroeck, and Dave Schultz for coming to Camp… more...
Volunteers Make Things Happen
Thank you to all of the volunteers who showed up at Camp Okoboji the week of March 10-13 to clean and prepare the Ginny DeWall Dining Hall for the upcoming season.  You are all a great group of… more...
Well done, Volunteers!  We finished the large 2-day mailing today. Thank you.  It is a pleasure to work with all of you.  You are a hardworking group of people, and you make things… more...
What a great day of work today!  For those of you helping with the bulk mailing, we will finish the mailing tomorrow, Friday, February 14.  Our workday will begin at 8:30 A.M. and end when… more...
Thank You!
•Thank you to all of the men, women, and boys who came to Camp Okoboji to volunteer last weekend!  We had a great turnout and accomplished great things!  Everyone worked hard, and we… more...
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